AI-Powered Decision Support Across the Product Lifecycle

Syrup helps you plan, buy, and allocate with confidence. Use pinpoint-accurate demand signals and intelligent optimization recommendations, all powered by AI, to increase margins while growing your brand.


Our Solutions

AI-assisted inventory workflows that drive revenue and increase working capital.


Manage each season’s entire inventory allocation process with AI backup.


Make strategic pre- and in-season purchases based on granular demand signals.


Lift Full-Price
Reduce On-Hand
Increase Margin
Capture ROI

AI Support, Tailored for Key Roles

Data science, not data mining. Get your inventory to work harder for you.


Improve inventory precision for optimal financial performance.


Let AI crunch the numbers so you can focus on creative insights and strategic recommendations.

Technology and Innovation Teams

Onboard cloud-native, secure technology offering turnkey workflows you can implement in weeks, not months.

Rapid Scale or Optimal Inventory Levels? Faherty Proves There's No Need to Compromise

“Syrup doesn’t just give us awesome allocation and replenishment recommendations that are powered by AI, but also a future-looking view of the business.“

Lambros Papadatos

VP Omnichannel Allocation and Planning
Planners focused on demand evaluation, not spreadsheet tech support
in-stock rate bump
sales explosion

How to Capitalize on Hot Styles by Chasing Store-Level Demand

“By concentrating our best sellers in our best stores, we can accelerate sales and improve our overall success rate. ”

Pablo Escalada

Product Manager Leader
Scaled successfully to 5 countries
saved per planner
revenue lift from transfers alone
Alex Faherty
Co-founder and CEO

Someone said to me, “There’s this technology coming out with AI that’s supposed to help you put the right product in the right store.” And I’m like “Oh my god…that’s what we need!”

Ivan Tchakarov

You need to be able to predict demand at a style, size, location level, which is pretty impossible to do with just spreadsheets. This is where Syrup is quite strong.

Molly Kozar
Senior Director Omni Location Planning

Utilizing humans in lockstep with AI is truly where the magic happens.

Why AI for Planning and Allocation

Apparel and footwear brands face unique inventory challenges that one-size-fits-all AI can’t solve. Explore why we started with this narrow slice of retail, why AI is so helpful across the product lifecycle, and what the future holds.

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