Making AI Inventory the New Industry Standard

Syrup's radical mission is to make use of the world's scarce resources. Get to know who we are, how we work, and why we’re pushing for a new, AI-powered standard.

We empower brands and retailers to run their businesses more effectively by recommending predictive inventory actions that drive profitability and efficiency. Our software helps our customers make faster, better, and more informed decisions while remaining in the driver seat.

AI Native, Mission Rooted

Syrup was founded in 2020 on a key realization: if we’re ever going to solve the waste epidemic plaguing the apparel and footwear industry, we need to get a lot better at predicting the future.

Expertise in econometrics, engineering, and fashion industry consulting paired perfectly with an exciting evolution: AI forecasting approaches were quickly outpacing statistical models, the status quo toolkit for analysts across industries.

Our first AI trials were so successful, it emboldened the team to dream bigger. What if we didn’t just create the world’s best demand forecast? What if we unified the entire fashion supply chain with a shared view of demand to stop waste at its source?

We Live by Our Values

Customer obsession

We always start with the customer and work backwards to deliver the best experience in the entire industry.

Katie Kenney
VP of Customer Experience

It's incredible to see how this value permeates every team, not just the customer-facing ones. Everything we do has driving customer value at its core.

Beat the odds

We challenge one another to think big, and we champion the visionary, game-changing ideas required to build an iconic company.

Ben Bernhard
VP of Engineering

Delivering big, industry-changing impact requires top-tier execution and smart bets. We’re ideating, inventing, and delivering novel, differentiated, and yes, even elegant solutions.

Next-tier accountability

We understand that we are all jointly accountable for the success of Syrup and our customers.

Scott Hirsch
VP of Marketing

You read about servant leadership in business books, but we really embody it at Syrup…and this means that every one of us can make a meaningful difference every day.

Dig the hole

We have a high sense of urgency about getting our work done, and we work both hard and smart to complete it.

Alex Khan
VP of Sales

We win on the strength of our ability to innovate. Yes, we need to deliberate and gain a degree of consensus before acting, but we never let ourselves get bogged down in over-analysis. Speed trumps perfection!

Expansive empathy

We always strive to approach situations in an expanded state vs. a contracted one so we can build empathetic, constructive, and effective relationships.

Dana Laufer
Director of People and Talent

Bringing your whole self to the table requires psychological safety. Because we genuinely care for one another, we enter every conversation with an open mind and willingness to learn!

Change Makers on a Mission

We’re a rapidly growing team of driven people making a difference in the world by building game-changing predictive software. Because great results stem from great care, we pride ourselves on creating a work environment catered to individual well-being.

  • Work from anywhere in
    the world
  • Channel your passion into positive change
  • Engage with leading brands and industry gamechangers
  • Shape the future of fashion with cutting-edge AI

Meet the Team

Our Founders

James Theuerkauf

Co-Founder and CEO

"With AI, the rules of the game have completely changed. We're not just developing a better planning tool — we're building next generation's iconic company. It's an incredible moment in history, that rare chance to build a solution that fundamentally improves how work gets done and sets the new standard for excellence."

Ferdinand Stockmann

Co-Founder and COO

"Relentlessly seeking solutions to impossible problems, like the age-old challenge of meeting demand with just the right supply, is incredibly energizing. I am humbled to have such an incredible team alongside me that shares this passion, working tirelessly every day while embodying the values that define who we are as a company."

Our Leadership Team

Fion Lam

VP of Product

Ben Bernhard

VP of Engineering

Shahab Raza

Director of Analytics

Katie Kenney

VP of Customer Experience

Alex Khan

VP of Sales

Scott Hirsch

VP of Marketing

Amanda Jayant

Chief of Staff

Our Investors

We’re backed by the best so we can support retailers now and for the next generation of success.

Don’t (Just) Take Our Word for It

Syrup's value proposition is simple and powerful: help brands achieve higher revenue while lowering the on-hand inventory required.

Sara Ittelson

Partner, Accel

I've vetted hundreds of technology vendors in my many years of planning and operations, so my partner selection standards are high. You won't get a Syrup-level combination of results and support with other providers.

Jen Myerberg

Former COO, Intermix
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