AI-first Planning and Allocation Platform

Purpose-built for apparel and footwear on a modern tech stack to ensure ease of data integration and onboarding.

Time-to-Value in Weeks, Not Months

Syrup’s service-oriented architecture leverages your data and business rule configurations to deliver real-time transfer and purchase order recommendations that meet your financial objectives. Granular demand forecasts and intelligent optimization models do the math to make everyday planning and allocation work simpler, more accurate, and higher impact.

Initial Allocation
Unified Data Model
AI-powered Forecast
Optimization Engine
Actionable Recommendations
Data Sources

The Syrup Platform

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Unified Data Model

Onboard and normalize data sources with ease.

  • Ingests all meaningful and available data…both internal and external
  • Flexible data integration options: SFTP, direct integration, data warehouse, API, and more
  • Rapid time-to-value with white-glove data onboarding

AI-Powered Forecast

Leverage fashion-specific forecasting technology powered by AI.

  • Accurate store-level forecasts at the most granular level
  • Advanced, non-linear models capture complex demand-supply relationships
  • Forecasting-as-a-service enables rapid innovation and model iteration

Optimization Engine

Let AI handle complex optimization computations.

  • Configurable with dozens of business logic constraints
  • AI models address data sparsity and irregular patterns
  • Align recommendations to key target metrics like WOS or max/min constraints for display and shipment

Actionable Recommendations

Minimize time-to-action with intelligent action plans.

  • Unified view of all recommendations with options to accept, edit, and release
  • Human-in-the-loop workflows ensure you’re always in control
  • See the financial impact of current and past decisions
Lambros Papadatos
VP Omnichannel Allocation and Planning

We configure our specific business rules, such as store minimums for aesthetics, which means we can focus our human effort on analyzing the predictions, instead of manual number crunching.

Eva Sirera Constanti
Technology Innovation Leader

The Syrup platform gives us the ability to forecast demand at the item and size level.

Integrate to Maximize Impact

To avoid brittle, one-size-fits-all integrations, we partner closely with each customer to design a data onboarding approach that works best for your tech infrastructure.

  • Flexible data ingestion system widens the funnel of viable sources
  • Connect in the way that makes sense: file transfers, APIs, webhooks, or direct access
  • Rely on your dedicated Syrup resource to maintain integrations and onboard new data sources
Data Warehouse

Our commitment to privacy and security

We build technology with your best interests in mind. Explore how we’re embedding security into our product and how we operate.

Our People

Syrup employees are all thoroughly trained and certified on proper security protocols through Secureframe.

Our Product

Syrup developers follow secure information system engineering practices for the development of new systems and for the maintenance of existing systems.


We are committed to meeting the industry's highest standards for security compliance. Our SOC Type II audit is underway.

Meet the Team: Data Science

The pedigree that powers our platform infrastructure.

Mike Smith, Ph.D.

Senior Manager, Data Science

Ethan Homan

Staff Data Scientist

Lorena Piedras

Senior Data Scientist

Tom Dakin

Senior Data Scientist

Kerem Aslan

Senior Data Scientist

Florin Bulgarov, Ph.D.

Senior Data Scientist

Gabe Shaughnessy, Ph.D.

Principal Data Scientist

Jack Woolam, Ph.D.

Senior Data Scientist

Chris Sanders

Product Lead, Forecast

Focused on the Metrics that Matter

Accurate Forecasts


Compares forecast against a naive baseline, typically the 4 week average.

Weighted MAPE

Calculates absolute error as a percentage of the actual value, with weighting by absolute units sold.

Optimized Decisions

Allocation Error

Percent of total demand that was missed due to inaccurate allocations.


Ratio of captured demand to historical demand.


Units sold as a proportion of total inventory.

Business Impact


Revenue improvements directly connected to platform actions.

Working Capital

Available funds attributable to a reduction in on-hand inventory.

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