Make More Agile and Data-Driven Buying Decisions

Reduce the risk of over-production in continuity and newness buying with hyper-accurate demand forecasting.

Purchase with Foresight for Optimal Results

Reduce carrying costs

Execute a more agile, just-in-time approach to buying.

Build forecast confidence

Boost confidence in the plan and your ability to hit financial targets.

Align channel strategies

Assess in-person and online demand signals in one glance.

Maximize profitability

Free up OTB budget as you reduce waste and markdowns.

Buying Workflows

Make confident purchase orders, powered by AI.


Place orders at just the right time

Never miss a sale on evergreen items while preventing overstock with just-in-time buying guidance.

  • Clear dashboards help prioritize orders based on urgency
  • Regularly updated AI-powered forecasts and inventory projections keep you up to speed
  • Real-time “what-if” scenario planning based on demand shifts
Newness Buying

De-risk new style buys with AI

Accurately forecast demand to run reliable profitability scenarios and build confident buying plans for new styles.

  • Smart recommendations for optimal purchase quantities and timing
  • Hyper-granular optimization of SKU splits with clear forecast signals
  • Seamless integration with allocation workflows

You need to be able to predict demand at a style, size, location level, which is pretty impossible to do with just spreadsheets. This is where Syrup is quite strong.

Ivan Tchakarov

COO, Reformation

Doing a demand plan for every single item gives you more insight into the future than you would get from looking at top-line trends alone.

Lambros Papadatos

VP Omnichannel Allocation and Planning, Faherty


Lift Full-Price
Reduce On-Hand
Increase Margin
Capture ROI

Why AI?

Fashion, apparel, and footwear brands face unique inventory challenges — so why shouldn’t their AI solutions be tailored to them? Explore why we started with this narrow slice of retail, why AI is so helpful for common merchandise planning tasks, and what the future holds.

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