Your AI Co-Pilot for Inventory Decisions

Analyze quickly and decide confidently to optimize full-price sell-through and reduce excess inventory.

Unlock More Time for Strategic Action

See the data you need

At-a-glance views of current inventory states and predicted sales accelerate time to decision.

Build your demand expertise

Uplevel your role with advanced demand analytics and become a strategic advisor to the business.

Move beyond simple heuristics

Leverage human-in-the-loop AI to deliver optimal allocation decisions.

Make space for science and art

Let AI manage the analytics so you can focus on creative insights and strategic recommendations.

Your Common Workflows, Covered

Start each week right

Assess and report on the health of your product mix and penetration rates at record speed — without the manual data pulls.

  • Category-level inventory positions across the entire store network give you top-level visibility
  • Color-coded callouts help quickly identify variances requiring attention
  • Get access to verified data that validates decisions

Lead with demand

Kick off each allocation looking forward thanks to hyper-accurate, AI-powered demand forecasts.

  • Optimize full-price sell-through without stockouts thanks to AI predictions and recommendations
  • Beginning and ending inventory levels at a glance help you gauge the appropriate next step
  • Account for important calendar shifts like marketing events and holidays

Never miss a sale

Make the most of OTB with simply triggered re-buys or secondary allocations, informed by always-up-to-date demand signals.

  • Strike while insight is hot, minimizing inefficient working capital expenditure
  • Uncover hidden trends in the assortment — or even anticipate them
  • Guided automations simplify rote re-orders so you can focus on higher-value activities

Maintain margin

See the forest and the trees so you can nimbly move inventory where it will most quickly maximize revenue.

  • Effortlessly maintain inventory at the optimal level to meet customer demand
  • Demand and inventory position data inform confident decisions in the moment
  • AI-powered recommendations support quick action — but you’re always free to tap the brakes and revisit

Edit, accept, and report

Take ownership of allocations, rebuys, replenishments, and rebalances — all in one tool.

  • Pre-, in-, and post-season capabilities allow you to take action at the right time
  • Easily surfaced high-level KPIs continually elevate your decision making
  • Bring unique insights to planning sessions, like surprise underperformers or sleeper hits

Monday morning is not about pushing 1-2-2-1 on a replen plan anymore. Now we’re spending that time asking why the demand is changing.

Lambros Papadatos

VP Omnichannel Allocation and Planning, Faherty

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