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Our customers are the trend-shaping, shareprice-dominating, planet-saving brands defining the new industry best practices for exceptional growth and standout financial performance. We rate our performance on your outcomes, so when you win, so do we. Invest in a partner who celebrates your successes for you.

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“The human element coming in and interacting with the AI is where we have seen huge gains.“

Molly Kozar

Senior Director Omni Location Planning, Abercrombie & Fitch

“Syrup has helped Reformation improve how it allocates stock across about 40 stores and increased efficiency in distribution and warehouse facilities.“

Ivan Tchakarov

COO, Reformation

“Syrup doesn’t just give us awesome allocation and replenishment recommendations that are powered by AI, but also a future-looking view of the business.“

Lambros Papadatos

VP Omnichannel Allocation and Planning, Faherty

Inventory Excellence for Omnichannel Strategies

Whether you’re chasing growth, refining efficiency, or catering to unique clientele, Syrup can help you thrive. Customize your business rules and let the AI learn how it can best support your unique plan to win.

Fast-Growth Retail

Accurately anticipate demand so you can pair the perfectly sized buy with an optimal distribution to rapidly grow your footprint — and margin.

Scaled Omnichannel

Turn channel-level insights into just-enough distributions, then chase with item x store level forecasts for maximum capital efficiency.

Luxury and Fashion

Custom-fit recommendations to your unique approach with luxury-aligned configurations that channel cold start forecasts into just-enough inventory, precisely allocated.

Scale, Optimize, and Wow — Why Choose When You Can Have it All?

See how AI tailored to your unique business can deliver
insights that increase efficiency and boost margin.

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