Confidently Manage Inventory Across the Product Lifecycle

AI-powered forecasts inform allocation, replenishment, and rebalancing algorithms that optimize full-price sell-through for each item and location.

Simplify Your Allocation Process with AI

Get better insights

Assess the health of your product mix and penetration rates with at-a-glance metrics.

Analyze granular demand

Pinpoint demand changes, then optimize inventory movement with AI-powered recommendations.

Elevate your daily work

Replace painful repetitive tasks with strategic decision making thanks to human-in-the-loop AI.

Deliver results that matter

Configure recommendations to your business rules so you can boost full-price sell-through with just-enough inventory positions.

 Allocations Workflows

Move inventory with confidence.

Initial Allocation

Kickstart sales with AI

Ensure you start the season off right with the right products in the right places.

  • Demand forecasts for each item, assortment, and store
  • AI recommendations for optimal placements built on your business rules
  • Simple interface to edit, accept, release, or learn more

Keep in-stocks in lock step with demand

Partner with an AI co-pilot to maximize sales and minimize stockouts.

  • Forecasts that respond to real-time changes in demand
  • Visibility into demand shifts from predictable sources like Black Friday — or surprise spikes
  • Configurations for target WOS, PO allocation %, eligibility settings, and more

Chase winners and feed hot spots

Develop a new routine for in-season movement to accelerate full-price sell-through.

  • Recommendations on a fixed cadence so you never miss out
  • Granular forecasts pinpoint demand for any item at any store
  • Transfer orders in a click, aligned to your rules and always editable

Syrup has helped Reformation improve how it allocates stock across about 40 stores and increased efficiency in distribution and warehouse facilities.

Ivan Tchakarov

COO, Reformation

Having Syrup really helped us quantify the impact of those decisions and see that they worked. Traditional replenishment planning techniques could have potentially missed those opportunities for sales.

Lambros Papadatos

VP Omnichannel Allocation and Planning, Faherty

“The best sellers may be the same SKUs in different stores, but the most important thing is to get that best seller to the store that is selling it the fastest.
Syrup helps us do this.“

Pablo Escalada

Product Manager Leader, Desigual


Lift Full-Price
Reduce On-Hand
Increase Margin
Capture ROI

Why AI for Inventory Allocations?

Apparel and footwear brands face unique inventory challenges that one-size-fits-all AI can’t solve. Explore why we started with this narrow slice of retail, why AI is so helpful across the product lifecycle, and what the future holds.

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